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My name is Brad and Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail has always been a dream of mine since I first starting hiking in high school. Since trying to hike the entire trail in a season would probably take the better part of five months, I've decided to try to break it into sections and complete the Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail this year. I hope to complete the Washington portion next year. No defnite plans for California...yet.

The tentative start date for the Oregon Pacific Crest Trail hike is now July 16th with plans to be back in the office by August 20th. I will also climb Mt. McLoughlin, Mt. Thielsen, South Sister and possibly Middle Sister if time allows.

My son Hayden an 8th grader will begin his 4th year of assistant coaching Special Olympics track. Hayden seems to have a special talent in this capacity and is well liked by those he coaches and encourages. It is our hope that as I fulfill one of my dreams many of you will feel inspired to support the work of the Special Olympics team here locally in Benton County. You can find more information about how to support the Special Olympics by clicking here.

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